Survey Operations Chief

Urban Terrain LLC, a land surveying company, located in Monroeville, PA, is looking to hire a Survey Operations Chief. This position is responsible for day-to-day field operations and office output of Surveying Products.  A PLS or SIT is preferred but experienced, unlicensed surveyors will also be considered.

At Urban Terrain LLC, we all work in the field and the office.  We cross train our technicians to be well rounded in field procedures, research, drafting, 3d surface generation, and boundary resolution.  The old school mentality of working in the field five days a week or being stuck in the office, never laying eyes on the project site, does not create a versatile surveyor who will qualify to take and pass the professional licensure exams.  If this environment appeals to you, we’d like to hear from you. Already have your surveyor’s license and want to stay in production surveying, please send us your resume. 

This position as Survey Operations Chief requires leadership, organization, and time management skills.  You will direct the field crew(s), assign projects, and work in the field.  You will be responsible for teaching entry level surveyors how to operate the various equipment, survey techniques & procedures, and survey data collection in the field.

You will assign drafting and prep for field tasks based on technicians’ experience levels. Review drafting, title blocks, and final overall presentation of survey products. Responsible for drafting, advanced survey calculations, boundary resolution, address title exceptions, and write legal descriptions.

This is a hands-on operations and production position that requires experience in both field and office. Must have drafting experience. Typical products include Subdivision Plans, Existing Conditions Plans, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, and ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys. This is not a management position where you delegate the work to others.  You will participate in and supervise survey technicians of various experience levels in the day to day operations at Urban Terrain LLC.

Send resume to: Amy Hopkins, PLS at [email protected]